Motivation-Seeing the Party Construction Leading in the Development of Wenzhou Private Economy

Motivation-Seeing the Party Construction Leading in the Development of Wenzhou Private Economy

Today, Wenzhou has become one of the most developed areas in China's private economy. Wenzhou's private economy has experienced a series of ups and downs from its inception to its development and growth. It started with helplessness, moved forward with twists and turns, developed through debate, and expanded through exploration. It is this spirit of daring to be the first in the world that allows Wenzhouese to move from family workshops, stalls, street sales, store openings, factory establishments to share cooperation, enterprise groups, asset management, and online trade. A roadshow for the whole process of integration with the international economy.


■ Inheritance

On April 12, Hongguang Electric Group in Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, was busier than ever.

As the chairman of this company, Lin Zhonghua patiently answered all the questions from the guests. His strong confidence in the future also infected those around him.

In the private enterprise camps of Wenzhou, Zhejiang and even China, Hongguang Electric Group achieves an output value of 650 million yuan a year, which is not so dazzling. Even in Yueqing, Hongguang Electric Group is not the largest private enterprise.

However, seeing its average annual growth rate of 20% in recent years, no one will ignore this company that has been in business for 36 years.

Yes, if you know its history, you will pay more respect to this parent youth enterprise.

Wu Zhongzheng, Lin Zhonghua's father-in-law, is the founder of this company. In 1982, Wu Shizhen was arrested and held for 63 days for violating industrial and commercial regulations. In the end, freedom was regained at the cost of a fine of 6,000 yuan. The following year, he resumed his old business and eventually founded Zhejiang Hongguang Metal Fittings Co., Ltd.

That year, there were 10 other people who suffered the same misfortune with Wu Shizhen. These 11 people, because 8 of them have been recognized by the government, are called "eight kings".

Correct! This is the famous "eight kings incident" in the history of China's private economy-a historical testimony of the tortuous course of China's economic reform.

Today, their descendants took the baton.

Only today, the people who made history are no longer confused. Even with occasional economic ups and downs, confidence is still written on the face.

"At present, Wenzhou is focusing on creating the" two healthy "pilot zones and national independent innovation demonstration zones to create a national first-class business environment and help the high-quality development of the private economy. Lin Zhonghua said emotionally that every Wenzhou entrepreneur can Deeply feeling this huge change, and deeply realizing the government's heartwarming action of doing practical things for the enterprise and benefiting the society, we are full of confidence in the future.

■ Struggle

There was a view that Wenzhou's booming economy was under government control.

This sentence is correct.

Geographically, Wenzhou is on three sides and one on the sea. Forty years ago, Wenzhou was one of the poorest and most backward areas in China at that time, with dense population, lack of resources, traffic congestion, and backward industry.

The reporter interviewed in the streets and alleys of Liushi Town. Every time they went to a merchant, they told reporters in unison: We in Wenzhou's private economy are "released," "forced," and "created."

On December 11, 1980, Zhang Huamei, the small owner of the small grocery store, obtained the business license of "Dongshang Zhengzi No. 10101" from the Wenzhou City Administration for Industry and Commerce. This is China's first individual industrial and commercial business license after reform and opening up.

That year, Wenzhou officially issued 1,844 self-employed business licenses on Songtai Street. This group of licensees has become China's first generation of self-employed.

Since then, Wenzhou people lacking geographical conditions have gone out of Wenzhou and traveled thousands of mountains and rivers, trying to do everything possible to create a number one in the road of China's reform and opening up. In 1982, there were more than 100,000 individual industrial and commercial enterprises in Wenzhou, about It accounts for 10% of the country's total, and 300,000 dealers travel all over the country. In 1983, the country's earliest rural professional market—the Yongjia Qiaotou Button Market—appeared; in 1984, it raised funds to build China's first peasant city, Longgang farmers City ... By 1993, the Wenzhou Stock Cooperative Economy had reached a climax, with 36,845 enterprises, accounting for 54.2% of the city's total enterprises.

The struggle of Wenzhou people has created a remarkable economic miracle: from 1978 to 2017, the regional GDP increased by 412 times; per capita GDP increased by 248 times; fiscal revenue increased by 575 times ...

Let the source of creating social wealth fully flow! This is the experience of Wenzhou, the spirit of Wenzhou people, and the support of Wenzhou culture. There are Wenzhou people everywhere in the world where there is sunshine, there is the unity of the compatriots, and there is the spread of the elements of Chinese culture ...

■ Reform

In an economy, if there is only the power of capital and only the role of the market is emphasized, it is undoubtedly a freak governed by the law of the jungle. This common sense has been staged in capitalist countries around the 18th century.

In the process of China's economic transition, while allowing the market to give full play to the decisive role of resource allocation, it is also a crucial aspect for the government to play a better role.

Wenzhou's economy was also helped. During the interview, the reporter kept hearing such judgments and introductions.

On the eighth day of the first month, "Two Health", the first meeting of the New Year, kicked off in Wenzhou with high specifications.

Chen Weijun, deputy governor of Zhejiang Province and secretary of the Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee, pointed out that the sustained and healthy development of the private economy is the foundation, characteristics, potential, and destiny of Wenzhou's development. With a strong sense of crisis, we should regard "two health" as the main carrier to solve a series of problems and respond to a series of challenges in Wenzhou's private economy at this stage, call out "private economy to see Wenzhou", and reshape the new benchmark of the private economy.

Entrepreneurs need to grow up healthy, and enterprises need to develop healthily. But how can economic blindness be overcome? How to expand the horizon of development? How do individuals truly share the same fate with the times? These answers are not enough by the entrepreneurs alone.

In early March 2019, the Wenzhou Private Economics School was officially unveiled, and the pro-Qingzheng Business School and Qinglan New School of party and government cadres and entrepreneurs also announced the opening of classes.

This initiative, which is the first in the country, is aimed at helping private enterprises and entrepreneurs to achieve "wonderful butterfly changes" in the creation of the "two healthy" pioneer zones.

On August 9, 2018, Wenzhou City was approved to create the nation's first new era "two health" advanced area.

At present, Wenzhou has undertaken 30 national-level and 28 provincial-level reform pilots. Among them, the reform of resource elements led by the private economy is at the forefront of the country. In 2018, the "run once" event was 100% covered, and "Wenzhou Environment" was praised.

Among them, the “positive list”, “negative list” of government-business exchanges, and the “guide list” of clean and private enterprise construction were introduced, allowing the market to return to the market and the government to return to the government.

Data show that the high-quality development of Wenzhou's private economy has released positive signals. In terms of basic indicators, from January to February, the city ’s total industrial output value above designated size was 67.7 billion yuan, an increase of 8.9% year-on-year, ranking third in the province. From the perspective of key efficiency indicators, industrial hi-tech industries, equipment manufacturing, The growth rate of strategic emerging industries is higher than the city's average level. In February, the PMI index rose to 56.7%, a new high in nearly 23 months.

■ Leading

In Hexing Group Co., Ltd., one of China's top 100 electronic components companies, the company's party committee creatively established a "red mediator" system, which effectively prevented and resolved employee conflicts, created a civilized and harmonious working environment, and promoted the healthy development of the company.

In Liushi Town, the Zhengtai Group's party committee innovated the construction of grassroots organizations, established a "five-in-one" learning team, and pushed the focus of ideological and political work downward. The sense of ownership of employees has increased, and the enthusiasm for participating in the company's management has increased, promoting the sustainable and stable growth of the company's economic benefits. The strong red power promotes the high-quality development of Chint Group.

"The Group established Wenzhou's first private enterprise party committee in 1998 with 49 branches. In the face of a complex economic situation, we held employees' confidence by holding joint party-enterprise meetings, carrying out educational activities on ideals and beliefs, and organizing party classes. Boosted up and inspired the spirit of the management. Especially after the central private enterprise forum, the party committee of the group immediately held a special study meeting. More than 400 people including management personnel and members of the party organization team in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wenzhou, etc. Simultaneous learning at the conference venue greatly boosted the development confidence of the enterprise, "said Wu Bingchi, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Chint Group and Chairman of the Board of Supervisors.

In 2018, Chint Group's operating income increased by 17% year-on-year, and exports increased by more than 30% year-on-year.

The road determines fate. The direction determines the future.

At present, Yueqing, the main birthplace of the Wenzhou model, has established 1,485 New Zealand Party organizations, covering all areas. The two new Party building brand highlights continue to emerge, and more and more private enterprises enjoy the "party building bonus".

Wenzhou's local non-public enterprises above the size of party building cover more than 90%, private enterprises generally believe that the quality of party members is relatively high, prefer to recruit party members. Party members drive the improvement and progress of the surrounding employees. More private enterprises pay attention to employees' ideological trends by hiring a full-time party branch secretary or party committee secretary. The red lead is providing surging power for private enterprises.

Yandang Mountain is moist and thick, and the Yongjiang River is constantly flowing. The Wen Shang story is writing a sequel. Article source: People's Political Consultative Conference

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